Combine Communications is working with many local and foriegn partners in order to provide our valued customers with best and optimum solutions. Some of our partners are:


Kistler Instrumente AG,Switzerland

Leading manuafcturer and supplier of high quality Force, Pressure, Acceleration and Torque sensors and measuring systems for over past 50 years. Kistler uses Piezoelectric technology to produce extremely reliable and accurate sensors.


AVADA Lights

Home for professional lighting for home and industry . AVADA® provides most unique and robust lighting products in Pakistan.Choosing products with most elegant design,Extreme quality and enviromental compatibility.

Avada Lighting Pakistan

CZ Explosion Proof

CZ is a leading company in China manufacturing Explosion Proof and Weather Proof lighting solutions and accessories for Zone 1,Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22.CZ products are IECEX,IEC and ATEX certified.

CZ Explosion Proof

Dermalog Identification Systems GmbH-Germany

Dermalog is a leading company in the world which has developed and achieved many milestones in AFIS(automatic finger identification system) and its applications in many fields like Banking, ABC(automatic border control)ID Cards, Driving Licenses, Criminal AFIS,Civil AFIS,Log in and Acces Control Solutions, Verification Solutions,etc.

dermalog Pakistan


Signotec GmbH-Germany

Signotec is also a very famous brand providing software and hardware solutions for Electronic Signature, Signature Softwares and Signature Capturing Pads.


Signotec Pakistan

Izar Cutting Tools S.A.L.-Spain

Izar Tools is manufacturer of high quality cutting tools since 1910 with plant at Spain.

Izar cutting tools Pakistan

Electronic Engineering Solutions(E2S)

E2S is a Spanish company engaged in design, development and implementation of innovative solutions in engineering. ParkHelp is the product used worldwide as a parking guidance system for drivers. Parkhelp has been deployed in many countries accross the globe. It offers great flexibility and convenience in locating the right place to park your car.


Panphonics® Finland

Panphonics has been delivering directional audio solutions globally. Panphonics Sound Shower® directional audio speakers produce superb audio clarity while keeping the stylish and ultra-thin form factor, enabling easy installation in various environments.


Road and Traffic Systems Consulting - GmbH

Based in Switzerland, RTS Consulting is in the business of consultancy and solution provider in the filed of urban and highway traffic. RTS has vast experience and has undertaken many projects all around the world.


igus® GmbH- Germany

igus has specialized in manufacturing of energy chains/tubes system i.e. e-chains/e-tubes and chainflex cables, Polymer Bearings,Linear Slide Bearings, Electrical Linear Axis,Drive Technology,Raw Material for 3D Printers,etc.

Igus Pakistan