InTeli-WIM - The Weigh-In-Motion System


Based on LINEAS sensors from Kistler, InTeliWIM is the ideal solution to dynamically measure the weight of moving vehicles with good accuracy. The LINEAS is a highly reliable Quartz sensor which has extremely stable properties.

Along with weight, InTeliWIM provides valuable additional data about every vehicle passing on the LINEAS sensors.

Some of the available data output is:Some of the data outputs from InTeliWIM are:  

Date & Time
Driving Direction
Lane Number
Vehicle Classification
No of Axles
Inter-Axle Spacing
Headway / Gap
Vehicle Length
Individual Wheel Weight
Axle Weight
Group Axle Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Weight Violation
Speed Violation
Vehicle Image with important data superimposed
License Plate Recognition - ALPR information


.....Full details in InTeliWIM - Brochure....

InTeliWIM installed in Vietnam
ALPR + driver information display
Remote monitoring with InTeliWIM